Origin of Earth’s life, The first producer of omega-3

Though they are small and unassuming, microalgae have long been the backbone of our land and aquatic ecosystems. These single-celled organisms are one of our planet’s largest oxygen producers and the basis of the food pyramid for multiple species on earth. In the last 5-10 years, the molecular biology community has started to take notice of the potential of microalgae as a groundbreaking biotechnological platform in the development of a wide array of sustainable and high-value products.

Development of Microalgae Production Technology

  • Photosynthesis


    Self-shading inhibits photosynthesis and limits biomass concentration for higher productivity

  • Fermentation

    Light energy is not required, and high biomass concentration can be achieved BUT the number of microalgal strains and products are limited

  • PSP

    Photoreceptors in microalgae can catalyze downstream signal transduction processes to DNA level that in-turn affect protein synthesis, cellular activities, and production of desired end products.