We provide sustainable business models and products with social responsibility towards the people and the planet.
PHYCOIL CEO | Chung Soon Im, Ph.D.

PHYCOIL will do its best
to be a paragon of a Korean biotechnology company in realizing the core values
of people, technology,
and social responsibility.

Chungsoon Im as a Chief Executive Officer, he has focused on building and leading Phycoil Biotechnology International Inc. in USA and Phycoil Biotech Korea. He has secured several financing and business strategic transactions, including CKD and UQI venture capital funds and turn-key platform technology and cell strain licensing agreement with CJ.

He has successfully constructed pilot plant for commercializing high value microalgal products in Gongju city and launched food, health and cosmetic products during the little over 4 years of his business venture in Korea. As a researcher and scientist, he has over 25 years of experience in microalgal research in academia and the industry.

He is an expert in the areas of photosynthesis, algal physiology, algal genetic engineering, and the characterization of genetic pathways involved in the biosynthesis of high value algal materials and bioenergy. He has over 10 patents on microalgae and multiple publications on growth and oil production of microalgae. He received doctorate degree from Brown University.

His Postdoctoral work with Dr. Arthur Grossman a prominent scientist and professor at Carnegie Institution for Science, department of plant biology at Stanford, involved in research on environmental acclimation and biosynthetic processes in microalgae.